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Dress Maintenance and Washing

Dress Maintenance and Washing

All our competition Ballroom Gowns and Latin dresses are fully decorated and proper maintenance is crucial for your dress’s life and looks. Most commonly the decorations we use are Genuine Crystals, Beads, Sequins or Colored Feathers which are glued or threaded to the dress.  Some of the fabrics are really gentle and transparent. Which makes machine washing and dry cleaning highly undesirable.CAUTION! DO NOT WASH OUR DRY CLEAN YOUR BALLROOM DRESS as that will most certainly either completely ruin it, significantly decrease your dance costume’s life or will change the way it looks. Washing or dry cleaning your ballroom gown  can cause all decorations fall off or damage the rhinestones finish.



If you really need to clean and refresh your dress, turn it inside out and wash only the body suite in cold water using soft soap. After you are finished, hang to dry the dress without twisting it to squeeze out the water.


 Keep your dance dress in a dry place without putting it in a plastic protection bag thus allowing air circulation preventing mildew.  How to Iron your dress carefully and only on the inner side of the body suit to remove the wrinkles. Never iron your dress at high temperature since that may damage the fabric or de-touch the decorations on the outer side. Keep in mind that most of the fabrics are synthetic and are really easy to damage. Use a brush or a small mop to spot clean the outer side of the dress


Washing machine.  Those practice dresses without decoration can be washed in a washer at up to 40 degrees. It is not recommended to mix them with any other clothes so you avoid  undesired coloration. Dry cleaning.  That’s is a recommended option only for the practice costumes with no embellishments on them.  Hand washing.  It is recommended for those practice dance costumes that have decorations on them. Its highly desirable that you turn your costume inside out and gently wash it with cool water and soap without without applying too much force on the fabric.