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Custom Dress Sizing

Custom Dress Measurements



Please make all these measurements as tight as possible and in cm.

1.   Neck
2.   Across Shoulder (measured across the back of your
shoulder /neck)
3.   Bust
        a) Circumference with your bra
        b) Circumference without your bra
        c) Cup size
        d) distance between nipples with bra on
4.   Under Bust
5.   Waist
6.   Mid Hip
7.   Hips
8.   Mid Thigh
9.   Armpit
10. Bicep
11. Body Length (measured from shoulder to waist)
12. Waist to floor
13. Wrist
14. Shoulder to bust measured from between your clavicles to between the center of your breasts
15. Height without shoes on