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Our Story


Our story: Sweet Chili Dance, a discount online ballroom dancewear store, was established in 2009 by the mother of a young dancer. It started just before the first time our daughter was to participate in a USDA ballroom dance competition at age 9 and needed a plain preteen dress. There was no place to find a preteen dress that would comply with the guide lines by the USDA, which call for a one color and one layer plain dress. We were forced to hastily purchase a dress from someone for $275. There has got to be a better way! A year later, Sweet Chili Dance was opened. We offer a wide range of ballroom dresses and shoes which comply with the rules of USDA for preteen and junior dancers at discounted prices. Over the years, we have increased our supplies and varieties. We have become one of the best and trusted resources of ballroom dancewear for beginning and intermediate young dancers in the US and the world.

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